Virgin Media M100 vs M200

Virgin Media M100 vs M200

Virgin Media has a number of broadband packages to choose from, and M100 or M200 broadband package is one of their most popular broadband packages among users in the UK. But which one is right for you? We will compare both of these packages to help you decide which one is right for you, whether it’s the Virgin Media M100 vs M200 broadband package.

Virgin Media M100

Before we compare them, let’s see what these individual packages have got for us. The Virgin Media M100 package offers 3 services all together at an affordable cost. The services are fibre broadband, TV package and weekend calls. Having super-fast fibre broadband and TV channels including line rentals at a low cost is what users like about this package.

The broadband speed of this package is 108Mbps and it is tailored to meet the needs of those who like sharing stuff online.

The M100’s TV package has around 100 channels for you to watch, which is not bad at all. More than enough to keep yourself entertained while your workmates are stuck in the office during their lunch break. What makes this even better is that there are no lags between live events and pre-recorded shows, making it an enjoyable experience to watch TV.

The last service you get is weekend calls, which lets you call UK landlines for just the cost of a local call on weekends. This makes it easier for users who are out and about during their days off to contact home without worrying too much about phone bills when they come in later on.

Virgin Media M200

The next choice is the Virgin Media M200, which offers similar services as well but with better speed and more channels included in their TV package that you can enjoy. The fibre broadband here has been upgraded to 213Mbps+, making it one of the fastest (if not the fastest) broadband in the UK at this moment.

The TV package also has more than 100 channels to choose from, including HD versions of your favourite shows so you can enjoy them even more clearly on bigger screens with great sound quality. This is especially good for sports fans out there who want to catch all their games while settled comfortably at home.

This package also offers weekend calls as well as a 5GB 4G SIM with unlimited texts and minutes! This is one more thing that makes it perfect for families or anyone who regularly talks on the phone over their days off.

The best part about both of these packages is that they come with free installation (and no activation fees). You can also take advantage of the Virgin Media WiFi hotspots around the country, which are open to all their customers who have M-Bundle packages.

Virgin Media M100 vs M200 - compare and decide!

Below we will compare these both packages by their speed, TV channels, phone deals and price. With all these factors combined, hopefully this helps you decide which one of the Virgin Media M100 vs M200 is right for you.

The first thing we will compare are their broadband speeds. The Virgin Media M100 has a fibre speed of 108Mbps while the M200 package offers 213Mbps+, making it faster than its predecessor by 95MBps. The M200 package also offers more TV channels and better phone deals, making it the clear winner here in this section if speed is your primary concern.

The next thing we will compare are their TV packages as well as how many channels they offer. While both of them have hundreds of TV channels to choose from, you need to consider that the M100 package has around 100 TV channels and the M200, on the other hand, is a clear winner as it offers more than 100 of Mixit TV channels including HD versions of shows that you can watch live or catch up with later. This makes it easier for users who want to keep up with their favourite TV shows but do not have the time to watch them live.

The next thing we will compare are their phone deals and how much they offer you for each one of them. The M100 package has weekend calls, which allows users to call UK landlines on weekends at no additional costs. This is great for those who want to contact home without worrying too much about phone bills. The M200 package on the other hand has free calls to UK landlines every weekend as well, but it also offers free SIM with unlimited minutes and texts! This makes it easier for people who regularly talk on their days off.

The last thing we will compare are their prices, which both of them are at a great value. The M100 package is offered for £27 per month while the M200 package is only slightly more expensive, priced at £34 per month. You can also take advantage of their free installation and no activation fees that come with both packages as well!

The Verdict

While they are very similar to each other in terms of what you get from them, the M200 is definitely superior with its higher speeds and better TV package. This makes it an easy choice for anyone who wants to get more out of their fibre broadband!

The bottom line here is that both packages are very similar in terms of what you will get from them – fast internet speed at a great value. So if price is your primary concern then you should definitely go with the M100 package. However, if speed is more important to you and you want better TV channels as well as free calls on weekends then it would be a good idea to choose the Virgin Media M200 instead!

If this isn’t enough and you feel that you need to go even bigger, then they also have their VIP package on offer with fibre broadband up to 516Mbps. You can read more about this by clicking here: Virgin Media M500 broadband review or you can also directly place the order on their website by clicking here: Order M500

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