Virgin Media Deals for New Customers

Get the best TV Broadband and Phone deals

Virgin Media Deals for New Customers

Get the best TV Broadband and Phone deals

Who We Are?

We are a representative of Virgin Media to bring you all the latest Virgin Media deals for new customers. Almost each month Virgin Media update their TV broadband and phone offers and deals that we can forward to you for the best price. Our only mission is to get you the latest combo offer from Virgin Media that you can only find here on our website for cheaper price.

Virgin Media Deals for New Customers

Did you know as a new Virgin Media customer, you can enjoy great deals on bundles that no other can?

Every month, Virgin Media brings out cheap TV broadband and phone deals for their new customers and if you are planning to be one then we have a good news for you!

As the year 2023 has started, Virgin Media has released a few outstanding deals on TV, broadband and phone for their new customers in 2023.





Do you want a broadband package that can give you an uninterrupted browsing performance?

If so, then this is the pack for you. It comes with 213Mbps average download speed and talk weekends. You’ll be able to browse at your own pace without any interruptions or delays in service. And it’s all available from Virgin Media – one of the UK’s most trusted providers of TV, phone and internet services.

We’re here to make your life easier with our M100 Bundle. With over 105 channels, you’ll never be bored again! Plus, we’ve got a super-fast fibre broadband connection for when you need to browse or stream content online. And if that wasn’t enough, we also offer inclusive weekend calls so you can stay in touch with friends and family all year round.

Looking for a new broadband provider?

Big Bundle + 5GB SIM is the perfect solution. With M200 Fibre Broadband, you can enjoy over 105 channels and unlimited weekend calls with your friends and family. Plus, we throw in a 5GB 4G SIM with unlimited minutes and texts! You won’t find this offer anywhere else!

Bigger Movies Bundle is the perfect package for movie lovers. With an average download speed of 213Mbps, you can stream movies in HD from your favorite streaming sites or even watch them on Netflix! You’ll also get Maxit TV with over 220 channels including Sky Cinema HD and talk weekends. It’s just what you need to enjoy all your favorite shows and movies without any buffering or lag time.

Includes £100 bill credit for the new virgin media customers.


M500 is the best bundle that offers you big deals. With M500, you are getting average download speed of 516Mbps and Maxit TV over 245+ channels. You also get Sky Sports + Sky Cinema and BT Sports in 4K! Plus, with an unlimited 4GB data plan, talk anytime and more – what’s not to love about this deal?

Includes £150 bill credit for the new virgin media customers.


For just £45 per month the Bigger bundle gets everyone in the house online with ultrafast M100 Fibre Broadband and Intelligent WiFi. With Maxit TV, you can tuck into more than 210 channels of top telly, including BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD and Sky entertainment channels in HD, all 4 Entertainment Picks, binge-tastic Virgin TV Box Sets, and the dedicated Ultra HD channel. And to keep you chatting, you also get Talk Weekends.

Includes £50 bill credit for the new virgin media customers.


You’ll never have to worry about slow internet again! This package comes with an average download speed of 213Mbps so you can enjoy all your favorite shows without buffering or waiting around. Plus, it includes Maxit TV which offers over 190 channels including popular ones like TV360 and BT Sports. Talk weekends means that on Saturdays and Sundays there are no call charges at all! It’s time to get connected with Bigger Oomph M200 today!

Includes £50 bill credit for the new virgin media customers.


Video- Virgin Media New Customer Deals:

Virgin Media New Customers

Virgin Media is giving their best approach to attract new customers, hence you are good to go to take the full advantage of the new deals and offers if you are not already an existing customer. For existing customers there are different deals and offers.

What are you waiting for? Grab the best of Virgin Media deals for new customers in 2023!

Cheapest Virgin Broadband Deals

We have updated a range of cheapest Virgin broadband deals of this month. We update our broadband deals every month with the new Virgin broadband deals. So, if you are looking for cheapest Virgin broadband deals then you are at the right platform!

Please don’t hesitate to contact with us if you need any information about these broadband bundles. We are always ready to provide you answers to your queries.


If you want to save even more cash on your broadband and phone deal with Virgin Media, then check out our cheap broadband and phone deals page. Best Virgin Cable Broadband Deals Virgin Media recently updated its cable broadband plans, and some have changed significantly. Our Virgin Media deals comparison page has changed accordingly.

If you already have a Virgin TV bundle with Virgin Media, then you won’t be affected by this change. Best Virgin Mobile Broadband Deals Virgin Mobile’s mobile phone services are typically low cost, and that’s the main reason why many people sign up. Virgin has been around for a long time, and has gone from strength to strength in recent times.

Tv, Broadband and Phone Deals

Virgin Media has teamed up with some of the UK’s most popular tv, broadband and phone providers to offer you a selection of great deals. Whether you’re looking for tv packages or broadband that works for your home, there is something here at Virgin Media that will suit your needs.

Broadband Deals

If you want fast internet then Virgin Media could be your best choice in terms of range of speeds, so whether you want standard or super-fast internet for your home, they have it all covered.

TV Deals

Choose tv bundles that fit your budget and lifestyle with options including Sky Sports channels, HD tv packages and more, all in a single tv subscription.

Phone Deals

You can get a Virgin Media phone plan to suit your needs, whether you are looking for unlimited calls or super-fast broadband. Their various packages brings various types of phone offers for new customers.

Why Virgin Media?

Virgin Media is one of the best providers in the UK when it comes to broadband internet and TV services. They have been around for a long time and are well-known among people who use their services. This article will talk about some of the best Virgin Media deals that are available for new customers, so you can get all your information in one place!

Virgin Media has always been known for their good TV service. They have hundreds of channels, and you can watch whatever you want! You might not need a satellite dish anymore with all the different streaming services out there, but if your favorite shows are on BBC or Sky then it’s worth considering because they will be easier to find than ever, and without ads.

The Virgin Media deals available for new customers include a lot of packages which offer broadband, TV and phone services all in one package. If you are someone who only wants the TV service then they also have an option that is just for their TV service as well! There’s something here to suit everyone, whether you want to be able to watch what you want when you want or just use the phone service for your home.

Virgin Media offers their broadband internet service as ‘up to’ 100Mbps, but what that really means is up to 76Mbps. That’s plenty fast enough for streaming and most people will have no issue with it at all. If you do need a faster connection then they offer an ultimate oomph plan which starts at £79 per month (including line rental).


Virgin Media provides the best broadband

In addition to the Virgin broadband service, you can choose between three different TV packages. You get 125+ HD channels including BT Sport, Sky Sports, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, premium movie channels including HBO, Sky Cinema, Fox and Star, hundreds of boxsets and streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix. Plus there’s Virgin’s fast and reliable VIVID 100 fibre optic broadband which brings superfast fibre-optic broadband speeds for the home for an incredible 100Mbps. You can also enjoy a whole world of entertainment with the Virgin Entertainment package which provides entertainment channels including MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Sky Living and more.


Virgin Media provides the best TV and phone packages

If you want a great broadband and TV package with great customer service, Virgin Media is the place to be. Virgin Media Broadband Unlimited fibre optic broadband is great. The service promises average speeds of around 30Mbps and it will be suitable for any regular user, or even the vast majority of users. If you’re not looking to surf the net on the regular, there is Virgin Media TV and Entertainment TV pack. This gives you 200+ channels and you can add an additional 15 channels at any time for only an extra £10 per month. This fantastic TV and phone package also includes six months free Orange and Deutsche Telekom Orange broadband, which makes this a truly unbeatable offer. If you want a fast connection, Virgin Media Fibre Max could be the best option for you.


Virgin Media is the best deal

Virgin Media offers a good choice of broadband speeds. Virgin Media’s fibre broadband is available with speeds of up to 500Mbps, which is the fastest fibre connection available from any provider. Virgin’s average speed checker shows that it has the fastest speed available in the UK. Its total speed is much more than rivals, as it has average download speeds of more than 500Mbps. A recent survey results show that Virgin Media fibre broadband had the fastest download speeds across all the providers tested. Virgin Media broadband packages Virgin’s broadband packages start from £30 per month for unlimited standard broadband, which is cheaper than other fibre broadband deals from BT, Sky and TalkTalk.


Why Virgin Media is the best provider

Virgin Media is currently the fastest UK broadband on the market – with line rental, TV and home phone bundled in one deal. The company has upgraded its infrastructure to a 100% fibre-optic network and have invested in their network to ensure the best possible customer experience. The award winning Virgin Media TV offers more than 100 free channels including all the main UK channels as well as local sports channels and 24-hour DVD and Blu-ray players. You can also stream live TV from almost any device in the world. Virgin Media has improved its TV package with the new channels and prices set to increase soon. Virgin Media broadband Virgin Media have the fastest broadband in the UK.


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We take the stress off by giving you the best that the industry has to offer in quality, speed and price. We look and review the best deals from different providers so that you don’t have to!


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