Virgin Media M100 Review

Virgin Media, a broadband and TV provider in the UK, has one of the popular package called Virgin Media M100. The company claims that it is “the fastest broadband on the market”, but is this true? In this review article, we will discuss what you need to know about Virgin Media M100 before signing up for it. We’ll also explain how fast it really is and whether or not it’s worth your money!

£27 a month for 18 months

Virgin Media M100 Review

Speed: 108 Mbps  average download speed
Set-up cost: FREE
Contract: 18 months

Is Virgin Media M100 a Reliable Broadband Package?

Virgin Media M100, like all Virgin broadband packages, is a triple play service. This means that it bundles phone line rental and TV subscription with internet access at one price. According to the UK government’s guide on broadband providers in the country: “There are five main things you should consider when choosing your ISP [internet service provider]: speed, price, download limit, type of connection and customer service.”(UK Broadband Providers).

One thing you should consider before signing up for any broadband package is whether or not the internet provider offers good customer support. Virgin Media has generally received positive feedback from users in this regard.

Another important aspect to look at is speed. What is the maximum speed that can be achieved with this package? According to Virgin Media, it’s 108 Mbps (megabits per second) download and 40 Mbps upload.

The price of the M100 broadband plan varies depending on your location and other factors such as usage limits, phone line rental charges etc… However, a typical price for the M100 broadband plan is around £30-£40 per month.

Virgin Media M100 Review

Virgin Media M100 is an ideal broadband package for people looking for a balance in their internet needs. This package offers fast speeds and unlimited downloads, which are great for people who have heavy download demands like gamers or video streamers. There are 4 things which make this package an awesome broadband deal for you and they are: speed, TV channels, Talk Weekends and the pricing. Read below to learn about them in details.


The Virgin Media M100 broadband package offers up to 108mbps download speed. This is the fastest broadband connection available right now in UK and you will never need more than this for your daily activities like browsing, emails and streaming movies online.

TV Channels

The Virgin Media M100 plan comes with a lot of TV channels that are perfect to keep you entertained throughout the day. The channel pack includes 100+ TV channels which are preloaded in the TV box and all of them can be viewed without any additional charges. The company also offers a free app to watch your favorite movies, sports or news on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Talk Weekends

Another unique feature that you will get with Virgin Media M100 package is Talk Weekends. This feature will allow you to call other landlines in UK and Ireland for free between Friday evening and Sunday night. If this is not a great deal then what else could be?


The Virgin Media M100 broadband package comes with an affordable price tag of £30-£40 per month. Honestly, the price is not stable and it changes from time to time. But once you purchase this package the pricing of this package remains the same for your entire contract. Usually, when you sign up for this package through us, it is way cheaper with all those awesome benefits. This is the value that your hard-earned money deserves and you will surely not regret choosing this package for your home or business.


To sum up, Virgin Media M100 is an excellent broadband package that offers nothing but the best to its customers. If you want a quality internet connection with reasonable price then there is no better choice than this one in the UK right now!

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