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Best Broadband And TV Deals UK January 2021

If you are searching for the best broadband and TV deals in the United Kingdom of January 2021 then you are in luck! Plural Broadband & TV is back again with the best Virgin Media deals for new customers in January 2021! Plural Broadband & TV  provides the best internet bundles and as well as TV Packages and phone deals all around the UK and they all come with affordable prices! And today we will list out all the inexpensive broadband and TV deals of this month.


What makes our broadband And TV deals the best in the UK

Pretty easy to notice and proud to tell that we have got the cheapest broadband and TV deals all over the UK compared to the speed, quality and the prices of other broadband providers and our deal starts from £27 per month only! When you are looking for “bundle” specifically then we understand that you want fibre broadband to TV packages and phone deal in one bundle and that’s why we have got the best broadband, TV and phone deals for you.

Now let’s have a look at some of our best fibre broadband and tv deals of this month.


Fibre, Broadband & Phone: M100

cheapest broadband and tv package


This is the most inexpensive broadband and TV Packages bundle of this month that cost only £27 per month!

The average speed of this bundle is 108Mbps which is awesome! So, whether you have a big family or just so many people that are on the same WiFi network, you still get the best speed from this bundle. You also get Talk Weekends.


Big Bundle: M100

best broadband and tv deals

This bundle is one of the cheapest broadband and TV deal of this month that offers you an average download speed of 108Mbps, MixIt TV package with over 110 channels and weekend talks and all for only £29.99 a month!


Big Bundle: M200 + 5GB SIM

cheapest broadband and tv package

We can call it the best broadband and Tv deal among the list of this month! Because this big bundle M200 comes with an average download speed of 213Mbps plus 105+ TV channels. You also get a 5GB SIM card with unlimited minutes and texts and all of them cost you only £33.99 per month!
Now, what you are waiting for? Grab the deal before it ends by clicking this link.


Bigger Bundle: M100

cheapest broadband and tv package

Another fantastic bundle that you would love to give a try! Now, what makes this a special bundle is, you get an average download speed of 108Mbps which lets you browse ultrafast fibre broadband internet and you get over 210 MixIt TV channels including BT sports, Sky entertainment channels, Virgin Media Box Sets and talk weekends to keep you all busy and all that comes for only £45 a month!


We believe the bundles we have listed out are the one that you really need and they are the best broadband and TV deals of this month. Hope you are happy to select any of the bundle mentioned above though we have more bundles that are also as amazing as them depending on your needs and you can check them out by clicking here.

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