Virgin Media M500 vs M600 broadband package

Virgin Media M500 vs M600

Virgin Media is one of the largest providers of broadband packages in the UK. They offer a variety of plans that are suited for different needs. Virgin Media M600 and M500 are the fastest fibre broadband packages in their M series.

If you’re not sure which package to choose, this blog post will compare Virgin Media M500 VS M600 and help you make an informed decision!

Virgin Media M500

Virgin Media M500 broadband package is one of the most popular packages in the UK. The internet connection has been designed for families and people who do a lot of streaming. There are some great features that you can take advantage of, 200 TV channels that include Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and unlimited texts and minutes with 4GB data plan. It is also the second-fastest fibre broadband package by Virgin Media in their M series with an impressive 516Mbps download speed.

Virgin Media M600

Since the Internet has become a major part of our lives, having fast and reliable internet connection is essential. There are many providers out there that offer different types of packages with different speeds but not all provide an experience as smooth as the Virgin Media M600 broadband package.

Virgin Media M600 is the fastest fibre broadband package in the UK among the Virgin Media M series broadband bundles. This package is designed for big families and businesses. It comes with a stunning download speed of 630Mbps. This is their latest Ultimate Oomph bundle that includes hundreds of ultra HD TV channels including, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, BT Sports, and unlimited 4G data with unlimited texts and minutes!

Virgin Media M500 vs M600 - which one is best?

In this section, we have compared the features of these two packages that makes them different from each other. In the next passage, we will suggest you which one is better according to your need and budget!


Speed-wise, Virgin Media M500 has got an average download speed of  516 Mbps and 36 Mbps upload speed. While the Virgin Media M600 has got an average download speed of 630Mbps and 41 Mbps upload speed.

In terms of faster service, M500 wins as it is a bit faster but if you want to watch HD videos on YouTube or Netflix then this difference won’t mean much for you!

Channel List

Virgin Media M500 comes with 200 TV channels inlcuding Skype Sports, Sky Cinema and BT Sports. On the other hand Virgin Media M600 has got 250+ Ultra HD TV channels including Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD and BT Sport Ultimate. So if you are a sports lover or want to watch lots of movies then M600 would be a better choice as it has got more TV channels.

Unlimited Data and Minutes

In the case of unlimited data, Virgin Media M500 comes with a soft limit for internet usage which is 400GB per month whereas in the case of Virgin Media M600 this limit does not exist. So if you are someone who likes to use internet all the time then M600 would be a better choice for you.

With respect to unlimited minutes and texts, both packages offer this feature so at last it will come down to your preference of TV channels!

Pricing and Contract

Virgin Media M500 comes at the cost of £79 per month for 18 months of the contract. While Virgin Media M600 costs you £89 per month in an 18-month contract and after that it starts from £139 a month! So if price is your concern, then go with M500 as it’s quite cheaper than other packages.

So, which package is better?

These packages have got many features that none of the other broadband providers offer so if you want a bundle with lots of useful stuffs then M600 will be your best choice! If you are more concerned about budget and don’t mind missing out on some cool channels, then M500 is the best deal for you!

If price is your biggest concern and don’t care about TV channels or unlimited data or minutes then go with Virgin Media M500. We hope this article helped you in choosing one of these packages according to your needs.

Virgin Media M500 VS M600 - Conclusion

Virgin Media M500 is the best value for money broadband package from Virgin with high speeds and lots of TV channels. Compared to other providers, it comes at an affordable price after 18 months.

On the other hand, Virgin Media M600 offers more TV channels than M500 but its pricing may be a little bit expensive on some budgets, especially if you are new to Virgin Media.

Both of the packages come with high-speed internet, lots of TV channels and an unlimited SIM! It’s better to choose what fits your budget best!

In short, Virgin Media M600 is a remarkable broadband package for big families and businesses that want to watch TV channels anywhere anytime without any limits!

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