Virgin Media M50 vs M100 broadband package

Virgin Media M50 vs M100

Virgin Media has a great series of fibre broadband bundles. Among them, the M50 and M100 are the cheapest broadband packages. The Virgin Media M50 and Virgin Media M100 are budget-friendly and as well as ideal broadband deals for small families.

In this post, we will review these two broadband packages together and help you decide which one is better for you.

What does Virgin Media M50 and M100 offers?

Before we come to the conclusion we will review what each of these broadband packages offers to the customers.

The Virgin Media M50 is the smallest broadband package in their M series. It comes with an average download speed of 54Mbps, 100+ Mixit TV channels, and Talk Weekends. And it cost £33 per month for 18 months of the contract.

On the other hand, the Virgin Media M100 offers an average download speed of 108Mbps and Talk Weekends but no TV channels. It cost £28 per month for 18 months of the contract.

Virgin Media M50 vs M100 - Compare

As we have got to know what these broadband packages offer. Now we will compare these two packages by their speed, TV channels, Talk Weekends and the price.


The Virgin Media M50 has an average download speed of 54Mbps and the M100 offers 108Mbps. It’s actually a huge difference between them and you can say that the M100 is faster than the other one as it more than doubles its competitor with 56 Mbps more speed on paper.

TV Channels:

The Virgin Media M50 and the Virgin Media M100 come with 100+ Mixit TV channels respectively, but this is not a significant difference between them since both of the numbers are high enough to satisfy most customers. To be honest, it can’t get better than that when you consider how cheap they both cost.

Talk Weekends:

Both the Virgin Media M50 and the Virgin Media M100 offer Talk Weekends which means you can call landlines in UK anytime on Saturday or Sunday for free. This is a great advantage that they both share, but it’s also not an important difference between them because most of us only make calls to family members or friends, and they are free anyway.


The biggest difference between the Virgin Media M50 vs M100 is their price! The Virgin Media M50 costs £33 per month for 18 months of the contract while the rate of the Virgin Media 100 is £28 per month with an 18-month contract as well. This means if you choose the M50, you will be paying an extra £5 than what you would pay for M100 for the 18 months.

Virgin Media M50 vs Virgin Media 100: which broadband package is better?

This decision is going to be a little stressful if you are someone who likes to have TV channels and at the same time prefers a good internet connection.

If you would choose Virgin Media M50 you are probably getting a good internet speed and as well as 100s of TV channels including Talk Weekends. While on the other hand, you are getting a better internet connection with M100 which is 108 Mbps and it’s the double speed of what M50 provides. With M100, you can also save £5 per month for 18 months. And you are anyways getting Talk Weekends if not the TV channels.

Final thoughts on the matter

To conclude, it is said that the Virgin Media M50 vs M100 broadband packages are very close in their features and performance. You can’t go wrong either way when you choose one of them because they both cost almost the same per month with an 18-month contract. But if you are somebody for whom a reliable connection matters during gameplay, streaming or have a good number of family members then go for M100. Otherwise, M50 is also perfectly fine.

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