Review of Virgin Media M350 Broadband Package

Virgin Media offers various packages for their customers to choose from. The Virgin media M350 package is the perfect option for those who need high-speed internet in their daily life and as well as for sports and movie lovers. In this review post, we will tell you why this package is for you.

£69 a month for 18 months

Virgin Media M350 Review

Speed: 362 Mbps  average download speed
Set-up cost: £35
Contract: 18 months

Virgin Media M350 Review

Virgin Media has lots of M series broadband packages and this M350 stands out differently with its high internet speed of up to 362Mbps, 210 Maxit TV channels with Sky Sports and Sky Cinema including a Virgin 360 TV box and pricing.

Below we will describe briefly its features such as speed, TV channels, talk weekends and the cost.


The Virgin Media M350 is the third-fastest broadband deal (M Series) available in UK. The most fasted broadband package is M600 and the second-fastest broadband package is M500. It has a download speed of up to 362Mbps which means you can take benefit from extremely fast internet speeds for downloading movies, music and etc.

TV Channels

Virgin media M350 offers 210 Maxit TV channels including Sky Sports, Sky Cinma, and a Virgin 360 TV box! So if you are a movie lover or a sports lover, this deal is definitely for you!

Talk Weekends – Unlimited Weekend Calls

Virgin media M350 package also includes Virgin’s ‘talk weekend’ package which is a great option for those who want to make unlimited calls on the weekends with their friends and family.


The Virgin media M350 broadband package is available at a price of £69 per month for 18 months if you are a Virgin Media new customer and then £129 a month. The installation is free of cost but there is a set-up fee which is £35.


Is Virgin Media M350 worth it?

This Virgin media M350 package is undoubtedly reliable and for those who want to enjoy the internet at a fast speed and as well as watch movies and sports, if you have a big family then this deal will be perfect. So if you are looking forward to buying a Virgin Media broadband package but don’t know which one suits you the best then Virgin Media M350 should be your first choice.


Virgin media M350 Broadband package is perfect if you are looking forward to having an amazing internet experience with movies/sports lovers’ TV channels, talk weekends and Virgin’s high-speed internet.

If you want to buy this package you can click on this link.

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