Fastest Broadband Package Virgin Media Gig1

A National Broadband Internet Service Provider, Virgin Media offers a wide range of broadband packages and services. One such service is their Gig1 fibre broadband package that has the fastest speed of up to 1130Mbps which is perfect for sharing large files or streaming HD content without any buffering.

This review looks at what the Gig1 Broadband Package from Virgin Media offers and why you should get this package bypassing others!

£62 a month for 18 months

Virgin Media Gig1 Review

Speed: 1330 Mbps  average download speed
Set-up cost: free
Contract: 18 months

Virgin Media Gig1 Review (Only broadband)

Virgin Media Gig1 is the fastest fibre broadband package in the UK by Virgin Media. The package offers speeds of up to 1130Mbps which is fast enough for a large family or a company office. The average upload speed of this package is 52Mbps. It also comes with a Virgin Media Hub 4 Router that works on a VDSL enabled modem.

Other services by Virgin Media include its TV packages which offer thousands of channels and over-the-top streaming apps and many more to suit customers’ needs. But Gig1 fibre broadband package beats all other packages with its super-fast speed at an affordable price.

It cost £62 per month with an 18month of contract. There is no setup fee for this package.

Virgin Media Gig Fibre Broadband Review (Phone)

This version of Gig1 broadband package includes unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines plus the Talk Weekends service which provides free calls on Saturday and Sunday. It comes with a Virgin Media Hub 4 router that works on a VDSL enabled modem.

The monthly cost for this package is £64 per month with an 18-month contract and also there is a setup fee for this particular package which is £35.

Is Virgin Media Gig1 Suitable For You?

If you are a hardcore gamer or a live streamer, this package is for you. The fast downloading and uploading speed will let you enjoy your online gaming experience or give a smooth streaming experience without any interruptions.

This is the ideal broadband package for any large family as you can now share your favourite films and TV shows with ease without slowing down the speed. And without a doubt, this could be the best broadband package for an office as well.

The average upload speed is a bit low for those who have to do heavy uploading on a regular basis as it might take longer than expected. However, if you are looking forward to surfing websites or streaming videos online, this package will suit you best irrespective of your budget.

As the speeds are above 1000Mbps, this broadband package is not suitable for those who do light downloading or uploading as it might cost you more than required on a monthly basis. There are many other offers available from competitors which provide far better value for money and have faster upload speeds at an affordable price.

The Good:

  • Super-fast speeds of up to 1130Mbps
  • Reliable and fast connection with low pings
  • User friendly home screen on the router that offers easy access to all connected devices.

The Bad:

  • Average upload speed is 52Mbps which might be lower than expected for some users who use cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Final thoughts on Virgin Media Gig1

Overall, this package is a great option for heavy online gamers or live streamers who want to enjoy their experience without any interruptions. It also suits well for families that have many connected devices in use at the same time and big households with roommates as it gives them the freedom to share files across all connected wireless devices easily.

However, the package is not suitable for those who want fast upload speeds and light downloading or uploading. It will cost you more than required on a monthly basis as the average download speed of this broadband package is only 52Mbps which can be bought at an affordable price elsewhere with faster upload speeds.

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