Difference Between Optical Fibre Broadband and ADSL Broadband

Optical Fibre Broadband vs ADSL: How they differ and which one to choose

The world of the Internet has seen major changes in the last 20 years that have completely revolutionized connection. The government also contributed to the approval of an ultra-broadband network strategic plan to achieve the goals set out in the 2020 European Agenda for the upgrade and expansion of high-speed fibre optic connectivity infrastructure. Old modem connections are gradually being replaced by new technologies such as ADSL broadband and fibre optic, which allow users to enjoy highly efficient services in terms of speed at sustainable costs. But what is the difference between the optical fibre and broadband ADSL?



What is broadband?

First, it must be explained what it is about. The term “broadband” refers to sending and receiving data in a wider bandwidth than the old analogue connection. Therefore, broadband refers to sending and receiving information data at a speed of more than 144 kbps. Conversely, if the actual download connection speed reaches at least 30 Mbit / s and if the connection speed reaches or exceeds Gbit / s, the bandwidth is “ultra-wide”. Therefore, the difference between optical and broadband ADSL in terms of performance is quite clear. Therefore, with optical fiber, you can transmit more data than with ADSL broadband because the connection speed does not depend on the distance between the station and the house. The use of optical fibre also prevents possible degradation of the copper pair and other variables that can affect ADSL speeds.



What is the difference between ADSL and Fiber Optic?

The ADSL connection is based on using a telephone line which can be activated via a simple twisted pair telephone. On the other hand, for fibre, the first step is to check if the residential area where you want to activate the connection is already connected. It is possible to use free tools on the internet to check fibre coverage and understand the health of the network (broadband or ultra-broadband) in the community in which you live. In areas not covered by ADSL and often using fibre optics, the only option for users is to switch to satellite radio, but this is usually much more expensive. The difference between optical and broadband ADSL ensures that fibre ensures better connection stability and higher speeds when uploading and downloading. Therefore, you will need to choose between ADSL and fibre-based on your specific connectivity needs and the geographic coverage offered by the carrier.



ADSL advantages

The difference between optical and broadband ADSLit certainly doesn’t end there. On the other hand, among the benefits of ADSL, we must mention its wider coverage (although ultra-broadband coverage is increasing every year) and the ability to use an Internet connection without installing a new telecommunications infrastructure. In addition, ADSL is also defined as an asymmetrical connection, because it is characterized by different upload and download speeds. Since download streams also correspond to a higher transmission range than uploads, ADSL is especially suitable for home use, where the most common operation is downloading data and content from the network. In contrast, those devoted to online video games or who want efficient voice and file-sharing services can achieve much higher fibre performance. However, ADSL is a dedicated line, which is a line that functions without affecting the telephone line in any way. As with fibre optics, there are no time-based rates for ADSL lines, but there are flat fees that can be used to surf the Internet without having to worry about the online time.

ADSL line speeds can also vary from operator to operator and based on the tariff chosen, not to mention delays that can always be caused by traffic jams on the network, browsers, climate disturbances and the distance to the control panel and the quality of the data cables used. So the difference between optical and broadband ADSL is quite clear in this sense. Those who are fed up with all this and want more performance after reviewing layers can choose optical fibre which ensures excellent data transmission, high-speed long-distance transmission, the ability to be unaffected by external factors and more security in terms of Privacy and possible interference by people. evil. In short, once you understand the difference between ADSL and fibre and the concepts of ADSL and broadband, all you have to do is choose the best solution for your needs.

Therefore, the choice of connection type you want to focus on, Adsl or Fiber, depends mainly on your available budget (higher fibre costs), your physical location (check coverage) and the required connection performance requirements. Anyone looking for the best fibre broadband connection including TV packages and phone deals can check out our bundles by clicking here.

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