Best Virgin Broadband Deals

Best Virgin Broadband Deals

Virgin Broadband has some of the best deals on broadband in the UK. It is the best broadband provider that offers the best deals for the best broadband services to its customers, with prices starting at £18 per month. If you are looking for a great deal on broadband, then look no further!

Virgin Broadband provides the best quality of internet connection and supports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Best Virgin Broadband Deals

If you are seeking the best virgin broadband deals then we have compiled a list of virgin broadband deals to help you pick your desired bundle.


Virgin Media M50 Review

Virgin Media M50 is the smallest broadband package by Virgin Media in their M series and it’s a great option for those looking to save money on monthly costs while still keeping an average download speed of 54mbps which includes unlimited streaming, TV online and browsing the internet quickly.

This bundle offers 100 Mixit channels at no extra cost as well as talk weekends that come standard with all landline tariffs so there are never any surprises when you go over your minutes or call time limits.

The price for this broadband package is £33 per month for 18 months of contract length which makes it quite affordable especially if you want to stay connected without breaking the bank every month!

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Virgin Media M100 Review

Virgin Media M100 is one of the lowest-priced broadband packages around. It’s also one of the popular broadband packages among users in the UK. The triple play service offers up to 108mbps download speed and 100+ TV channels that can be viewed without any additional charges.

There’s also Talk Weekends available with this package. You will get an affordable price tag of £30-£40 per month for this service which makes it even more attractive. This best virgin broadband deal is best suitable for those who love streaming and TV shows.

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Virgin Media M200 Fibre Broadband Review

This best virgin broadband deal by Virgin Media will help you save on your monthly internet bill as well as give you up to 213mbps download speed to keep your family entertained and connected anytime anywhere without any data cap limitations!

With unlimited talk minutes included in the plan, it is perfect for families who want to stay close with friends or relatives all year round.

You can also get 5GBs of 4G SIM card bundled with this M200 fibre broadband package which comes at £34 per month contract duration of 18 months.

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Virgin Media M350 Review

Virgin Media M350 broadband package is an excellent option for those who want the latest in high-speed internet speeds, with up to 362 Mbps. With 210 Maxit TV channels and a Virgin 360 TV box included in this deal, you can watch your favorite movies or sports games at home without ever missing out on another second of action!

This offer also includes ‘talk weekend’ which allows you to make unlimited calls on Saturdays and Sundays so that you never have to worry about running up against your monthly phone plan minutes again. The price for this generous bundle starts at £69 per month for 18 months—a small investment when considering everything it has to offer!

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Virgin Media M500 Review

Virgin M500 is the perfect internet package for those that need speed, reliability and range. If you are looking for fast connectivity in your home or office, look no further than this ultimate oomph bundle which offers 516 Mbps of average download speeds with 36 Mbps uploads.

With over 200 TV channels including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and BT Sport included as well as an unlimited call and texts SIM with 4GB data plan – it’s clear to see why this is a great option for large homes! This amazing bundle would cost you £79 per month for the first 18 months making it even more affordable.

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Virgin Media M600 Review

With the best high speed best Virgin internet package M600, you get up to 630mbps downloads speed with unlimited data capacity included in your monthly bill at no extra charge.

The M600 includes Sky Sports HD, Sky Cinema HD, and BT Sport Ultimate for sports fans as well as all the rest of TV channels that come standard with Virgin Media.

There are also no limits on minutes or texts like other providers have who charge overages if their customers go beyond their monthly allowance. For Virgin Media new customers, this 18-month contract at £89 per month is an excellent deal!

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Virgin Media Gig1 Review

Virgin Media Gig1 offers an affordable 1130Mbps package that is perfect for a large family or company office.

With speeds of up to 52Mbps, this fibre broadband deal beats all other packages by virgin media and comes at an affordable price with no tv channels, phone deals, or talk weekends included like other packages from virgin media.

If you’re looking for fast internet without any added extras, then look no further than Virgin Media’s Gig1 fibre broadband package!

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Which broadband deal is better for you?

There are many factors to consider before you select any of these broadband deals. Such as the usage, whether you need tv channels, talk weekends, or phone deals with broadband, how many users, and your budget.

Let us learn about these factors in detail.

The usage

If you are a heavy user of the internet then the best option is M600 or Gigabit. As it offers high speed with no data capping. If your usage is average, the best for you will be any other plan from the above list.

TV Channels, Talk Weekends, and Phone Deals

If you are looking for the best virgin broadband deals which have TV channels, Talk Weekends or Phone Deals with internet then M350 will be best. It includes 210 Maxit TV channels, Virgin 360 TV box, and Unlimited calls on Saturdays & Sundays (Talk Weekend).

Number of users

If you are living in a big family or office best virgin broadband deals for you will be Gigabit, M600, and M500.



Finally, if your budget is under £40 per month, the best Virgin broadband deals for you will be M50, M100 or M200. And If your budget is between £50 to £100, the best deal for you would be M500 or M600 not to mention the Gig1 as it’s only broadband deal.

Final thoughts on the matter

The conclusion would be, if you are looking for the best Virgin broadband deal with the best value in terms of price and availability then any other plan from the above list will work. But, what really matters most to us is your satisfaction!

You can also check Best Broadband, TV and Phone Deals Including Line Rental if needed.

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